Looking Back at First Looks, and Why You Should Have One!

excited bride during first look
There are a million and one reasons to have a first look. We love them because they make for some of the most emotionally-charged wedding photos.  There are plenty of reasons not to as well, such as tradition or logistics, but we find that your whole day is improved by seeing your soon-to-be-spouse prior to your ceremony. We’re going to lay out some of our reasons that we love for our clients to have a first look on their wedding day!

You get to choose to keep an intimate moment to yourselves, or to not.

Any too-intense emotions that overwhelm you during a first look won’t be as public as they would be if they were to happen when you were walking down the aisle. On the flip side, you can have your wedding party or your family peep in on your first look and share in the moment. Annie and Tyler chose to have their parents on the sidelines during their first look, letting them share in this intimate moment.

groom smiling during first look
Family watching first look between bride and groom

bride Annie wiping away groom Tyler's tears
Any opportunity that we have to make beautiful photos should be taken.

Lighting in churches and similar ceremony sites is normally fairly bad, but with a planned-out first look you can have a gorgeous location, perfect lighting, and impeccable photos of you seeing your spouse for the first time on your wedding day. That’s not a moment that you want to be ruined by dim, yellow church lighting or embarrassment over the fact that you’re bawling in front of everyone you know. See how sweet this outdoor setting is for Brooke and Aaron‘s first look?

First look diptych

Cute first look between Brooke and Aaron

You get to spend more time with the love of your life on the biggest day of your lives.

Having a first look can ease some of the anxiety that comes with waiting to see your significant other. Any stress that can be alleviated on a wedding day should be! Once you’re in the arms of your spouse, the rest of your day feels like nothing. Shoot, you’re ready to face the rest of your lives. This quiet, personal moment between Sally and Daniel is heartwarming and deserves its own place and time!

Groom Daniel smiling at bride Sally

Daniel wiping away a tear after first look
You deserve to show off how good you look to everyone!

Traditionally, a first look takes place between the two parties getting married. However, it’s a fun opportunity to do a first look with a parent, a friend, or your wedding party! Laura chose to surprise her bridal party with her dress, and their reactions were everything!

first look with bridesmaids

bridesmaids circled around bride
Logistically, it just makes sense.

If you see your partner before your ceremony, you have more time to do couples photos, wedding party photos, and family photos before the ceremony even takes place. This can remedy a lot of the stress of trying to get everything done before making it to your reception. And besides, nobody has ever complained about having too many photos of them and their spouse! Your first look can naturally transition into couple photos, with both of you feeling joyful and at ease. Nina and Karen are the perfect example of this!

same sex first look on bridge in duluth

Nina and Karen kissing after first look

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