The Photography Apprentice Program

Being an excellent photographer requires more than taking beautiful photos.  Being a synergistic part of the experience that will mark the most memorable day of your clients life is a responsibility we must carefully master, and never take lightly.  As you grow in your photography career you will realize that using your camera during that big shoot becomes less of a focus until one day the operation of your camera, lenses and lighting is nearly automatic and takes minimal if any active thought.  During this transition, focus shifts from the camera to the complete attention to the mental state and energy of your clients and everyone around them.  This moment marks our transition from photographer to professional.  When this happens we become an integral part of our clients experience.  When our clients have a beautiful experience, photos take themselves, and the romance, smiles and tears shine through our photographs for their children and great grandchildren to cherish.  Accelerating this transition for photographers so they can focus on what they do best is the reason I created the wedding apprentice program.  Watching and helping you grow to become the most powerful artist you were designed to be is the reason I am here, and the reason this apprentice program is so infinity valuable.

The wedding apprentice program is specifically designed for photographers who are excellent at their craft, who have good technical camera knowledge, who want to further their photography career and are passionate about offering the finest art to clients about whom they care deeply.  This program includes 3 full days with me.  One day before a wedding, an actual hands on experience at one of my weddings, and the entire day after.  The day before and after will consist of 12-14hrs of one-on-one time covering some combination of the following topics:

  • evaluating your personal, financial and business goals
  • evaluating your business practices
  • identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • developing your marketing plan
  • leveraging social media
  • best SEO practices
  • backup systems
  • finding your niche
  • improving client communication
  • optimizing and finding new revenue streams
  • increasing your value
  • marketing and finding new clients
  • office and photo workflow
  • hiring staff
  • Quickbooks and charts of accounts
  • client and associate contracts
  • tax strategies
  • entity structures


The purpose of this program is NOT to teach you how to use a camera, although we will take a look at some technical stuff, it is not our focus. The majority of our time and energy is used to grow your business.  As I have said to photographers over and over, only 10% of running a photography business is taking pictures.  If you are the best photographer in the world and stink at the other 90%, then no one knows about you and you aren’t making any money.  You are one of those “starving artists.”  If, however, you are very good at the 90% and are only a mediocre photographer, we can still have you making money and increase your income VERY quickly.  This is where this program really shines.  THIS PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS, INCREASE YOUR INCOME, AND IMPROVE YOUR CLIENTS EXPERIENCE!

The apprentice program is very limited and an application is required to be submitted in its entirety in order to be considered.  The cost is $2000 and includes a $300 travel credit if traveling from outside of MN. I am now taking applications for 2019 apprentices. Please use the Contact Page and let me know you are interested in this program and we will send you an application to complete!

This page is currently being updated with new content.  Expect changes over the next few weeks. Take a look at for other photography classes and workshops!

Look At What Our Apprentices Are Saying!

Kurt Stevens – Wedding Photography Apprentice

I first met Preston on a forum talking about cameras. I saw his post and it stuck out, something out of the ordinary. I sent him a message and lo and behold, 4 months later I end up attending his Wedding Photography Apprentice Program and shooting with him at one of his weddings. Not only is this guy a wise business leader, he’s also a great photographer. I studied under him as a photography apprentice and have increased my knowledge ten-fold, in a business sense and as a photographer. His interaction with his clients is outstanding as is his love for making the people in his life successful. If you’re thinking about hiring him as your wedding photographer, there is no choice, you need to! If you’re thinking about learning from a professional photographer, there is no choice, you need to!

Kurt Stevens –
Currently: Wedding Photographer at Kurt Stevens Photography
Previous Profession: Student

Bryan Koop  – Wedding Photography Apprentice

Last year I was working 90-hour weeks on the fast track to burning out— I would wake up every morning and dread punching the clock in Corporate America but be excited about the wedding work waiting for me at home. I’ve been a professional photographer for my entire adult life and have worked for many well known, well respected companies. No one ever taught me how to shoot a wedding so I approached my clients like they were CEOs or art directors. When my clients realized that they were the art director they lost confidence in me and my work. I was a good commercial photographer but I was never going to be an excellent wedding photographer.

There comes a point in every small business where growth stalls and you’ve taken it as far as you can go on your own. You can read all the books, watch all the YouTube videos, attend all the seminars, and you may still fall short. If you want to exceed at your craft and stand above the fray you need someone to help guide your journey, someone who has been where you are and moved past it.

Preston helped me retire from the Monday though Friday grind and transition into a full time self-supporting business. He taught me to be passionate about what I’m good at and how to express that passion in my art and to my clients. If you have enough determination you may make it on your own but it will take twice as long and there will be costly mistakes along the way. Preston will show you a better way— it’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it. He will share ideas that can instantly increase your bottom line and are simple enough to implement immediately. He will also teach you ideas that might take years to fully appreciate and understand. Preston’s ability to see the large picture within your business and simplify your stumbling blocks into manageable solutions will help jump-start the next chapter of your photography journey.

Bryan Koop –
Currently: Wedding Photographer at Bryan Jonathan Weddings.
Previous Profession: Corporate Photographer

Chris Amos – Automotive Photographer

If you want to meet and learn from someone who’s “made it” and done it all with photography, Preston’s the guy. He overflows with wisdom and is inspiring to watch in action. To be the best, learn from the best!

One of the things I really like about Preston is how he is open about everything he does that makes his business so successful. There are little and big things that I’ve learned from him that I would have never found out from reading or even talking to other photographers. The way he works with his clients is truly commendable in the photography profession. The business principles, practices, and methods of selling I’ve learned from him this summer could be applied to any type of business (should I choose to pursue other ventures in the future).

Working with Preston has been the best investment of time and money I’ve made for my photography business. Just in the last year the return on my investment has been huge. You’ll leave your experience with him inspired and fueled with the knowledge that will allow you to take your photography wherever you want, and just rock it all day, every day. It’s a good feeling.

Chris Amos –
Currently: Wedding Photographer and Automotive Photographer for Winding Road Magazine, AutoWeek and GM at Chris Amos Photography
Previous Profession: Geological Science Student at Albion College, MI

Kevin T. – Wedding Photography Apprentice

I have been extremely fortunate to have participated in the Photography Apprentice Program by Brovado Weddings.  I could have chosen to stumble my way through the first few years of my business undercharging and questioning every decision along the way like most do.  By choosing Preston’s program, I was able to take my passion, incorporate it into a profession that I am proud of while maintaining that passion for photography.  The Apprentice program is a ‘soup to nuts’ immersion into the wedding photography business that is unparalleled in the industry.  I honestly feel like I got way more than I paid for.  You may not choose to do this program but heaven help you if your competition does.

Kevin T. –
Currently: Wedding Photographer
Previous Profession: Owner of American Mortgage INC.

Jim Zurales – Wedding Photography Apprentice

Having been involved in photography in some degree for much of my life, I’ve never met any photographer who has had a greater positive impact on my photographic career than Preston Palmer.  His combination of outstanding technical ability, sharp business sense, incredible skill in managing people,  and exceedingly refreshing willingness to teach others  is truly a rare find.  And he does all this with a very pleasant, humorous manner.  So many skilled photographers hoard their knowledge from others and have a condescending, superior attitude if they ever are asked to teach.  Honestly, I expected this from Preston and got the exact opposite!  His level of patience rivals any Saint!  No matter what I did wrong or needed help on, Preston was right there with the perfect answer while still making me feel highly encouraged.

Preston has truly SEEN IT ALL!!  After shooting hundreds of weddings, he is absolutely unflappable.  He’s ready for ANY eventuality and bursting with techniques that very few other photographers use. Rainy day wedding?  Grab the umbrellas and outside he goes.  Blizzard?  Put the boots on the bride and boogie out the door!  High of 13 degrees?  GO!!!  At the same time, Preston is always thinking about the welfare of the bride and teaches how you can read the bride’s level of stress.  He then manages that stress by strategically initiating breaks,  getting the bride warmed up or cooled down as needed, keeping her hydrated and fed, and even providing a pair of Crocs so she can walk longer distances comfortably instead of suffering in those stiletto heels.  What wedding photographers do that???  These countless techniques make Preston a rare gem in the wedding photography arena and he generously passes these pearls of wisdom on to his students.  These things alone set you apart from other photographers and allow you to command higher fees.

My training with Preston has put me light years ahead and I’ve managed to avoid all the nightmare scenarios right from the beginning of my wedding photography endeavor.  Learning how to manage the wedding day shoot was invaluable.  I can’t recommend Preston highly enough.  His insights are priceless.  Good luck if you go it alone!!!

Jim Zurales
Currently: Wedding, Senior and Aviation Photographer, and owner of JetShotz
Other Profession: 757 Airline Captain for a major airline.

Rachel Smak – Wedding Photography Apprentice

WARNING: DO NOT read further if you want to continue sucking in business as a photographer! However if you want to stop sucking in business, stop sucking as a photographer, double, or even triple your bookings and income, and go from being a shoot and burn photographer to a successful business, Preston Palmer and the Brovado apprentice program is for you!

A year ago, my photography business was floundering. You have heard the term “starving artist” well that pretty much described myself and my business. The biggest thing I learned from Preston was not something you can You Tube or read in a book about shutter speed and aperture priority the biggest thing I learned from him was how to build a business. How to communicate more effectively with my clients and overcome client objections, how to set up, articulate and execute dynamic portraits clients love, how to market, how to sell myself and my work, and how to grow my income and my business. And sure if you need help with your f stop and micro adjustments he can help you there too!

You could spend years discovering the hard way how to make it successfully in this business, or you could just learn from the best. Preston’s system is 100% duplicatible, and I found him and the whole team at Brovado extremely knowledgeable, helpful and accessible when I had questions. The entire experience was immeasurable to the growth I have seen in my business.

Rachel Smak
Currently: Wedding Photographer at Write With Light Photography
Previous Profession: Recruitment and training manager for management level agents at a large financial firm.

Aaron Feinberg – Photographer

I first met Preston while jointly photographing an event and immediately his magnetic personality was apparent. Months later I had the pleasure of assisting him during a wedding on Maui, Hawaii.  It is clear that he is one of the top wedding photographers in the business and his method, precision, planning and personality set him apart and beyond. He is extremely hard working and world-class at his craft. Not only does Preston have a way with his clients but with his students as well.  An invaluable resource in progressing one’s own photography AND business.

Aaron Feinberg
Currently: Master Landscape Photographer. Based in Kauai, Hawaii.Aaron Feinberg owns and operates three successful Photo Galleries on Kauai. aFeinberg Photo Gallery Hanalei • Poipu • Princeville – Kauai, Hawaii

Landscape Photographer

Nathan Ashby – Photographer

I met Preston in Hawaii and if I hadn’t, I guarantee you I wouldn’t be where I am today with my photography business and life. He inspired me to follow my passion and gave me the knowledge to make my business successful. At the time I met Preston, I was a successful fine dining Chef a 5 star hotel. I was doing well in life, but after only a couple hours of talking to Preston, he re-lighted my fire for photography that I had doused for a while due to work and life. I realized that I wanted to do what made me happy and Preston showed me how I could achieve that goal and make money at the same time!  Now, I couldn’t be any happier!”

Nathan Ashby
Currently: Master Photographer, Videographer and Editor for BROVADO Weddings
See some of his personal photography at
Previous Profession: Kitchen Chef

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