Our Wedding Photography Equipment

We get a lot of emails asking what kind of equipment we use to take all the beautiful wedding photos and videos we deliver each year. So here is our frequently updated list of photography and videography equipment, tools, software, and gadgets! If you have any questions about this stuff, send us an email! Most products link directly to the re-seller or manufacture page where you can learn more, get prices, and buy one of your own! If you are totally overwhelmed by all of this and just want to know where to start, we have some help for that too. Take a look at the www.BrovadoEducation.com website to get started with the basics.

  • Canon 5D Mark III


    The list of all of the camera bodies, lenses and accessories we use on a daily basis for wedding photography and videography.

  • Glidcam HD2000

    Audio & Video

    There are so many video related products on the market today that its hard to decide whats useful, and what is a waste of money. This is a guide to the best audio and video gear we have found through trial and error.

  • Domke J-2 Photo Journalisim Bag

    Bags & Cases

    Most bags on the market today we find to be useless in a fast paced environment. With all the money you have invested in your gear you want to keep it safe, and be able to access gear quickly. These are the bags we recommend for everyday use.

  • Apple iMac

    Media & Computing

    With technology advancing at a unprecedented rate we have to constantly upgrade to stay ahead of the crowd, this list shows the data solutions and current software we use in our daily workflow.