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Minnesota Maternity Pictures – Sarah & Ryan

I shot Sarah and Ryan’s wedding three years ago on a beautiful day in September.  And this year I was honored to be asked to take their maternity photographs as they await their new bouncing baby boy.  We started our photo shoot at the Crow-Hassan Park Reserve in St. Michael, MN.  Sarah and I chatted about health and diet and she excitedly told me about her love of leafy greens and her plans for a natural childbirth.  She looked absolutely gorgeous and healthy, and Ryan held his bride sweetly with a look of admiration on his face as they strolled through the woods near their home.  After paying homage to their wedding photographs by taking some shots inside an old, beat up barn, the sun began to set, and we decided to continue the maternity photo shoot inside to get some “lifestyle” photos.  We took pictures of Sarah, Ryan, and Sarah’s belly in the living room, bedroom, remodeled attic and in baby’s new nursery.  We even ended up turning the last bit into a sort of maternity boudoir session and got some astonishing photographs!  I love life stories, and I love being a part of my clients’ continuing stories – love, engagement, marriage, new home, baby in the belly and in the baby carriage, growing families, graduations, parties, anniversaries, vow renewal, the whole shebang!  It is a blessing to be able to use photography to help tell these amazing stories of life.

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